I learned how to write from the things that I read and I described endless heroines who were curious, intelligent, stark, and I somehow acted like them but I’m not sure if it was myself there was a time when I stopped reading stopped writing earnestly I would write in bursts that had only to […]

Thoughtless ink.

And the ground is reaching for my feet, stretching up to kiss my soles with jagged stones and smooth sand. The gutters are coated with silt from the rain, and there’s dew and dust on the screens and the panes, and the heat this week has been branding the words you wrote into my back […]


The events that took place really could have happened in any old world, at any old time, and they elected to occur in one very similar to ours but slightly more fantastic. They could have chosen any place, and the town they selected was a small one packed with people in a dark and cold […]