I Stopped Smoking and Now I Can Smell All the Things

the scent on my hands, it’s something between milk and metal something between soft and sweet and sharp and I breathe it in with my eyes closed before washing them I try to remember it as mine before I try to make sure no one else knows it and I recall those mornings when we […]

Uneventful Daily. Alternately titled, ‘My School Doesn’t Want Me to Go Here.’

Recorded are some of the happenings of  the day: I woke rather late, after two of my friends had left to graduate, a third was in his hometown. The two of us who remained at home had coffee and apples, played with the cat, watched a movie that had me in tears before he went […]

The World Outside of Michigan is an Unusual Place. Perhaps this Means that Michigan is an Unusual Place.

If I had my way, you’d be home from LA, knock on my door and we’ll take turns on the floor, and maybe we’ll find something about the West coast worth liking when you’re no longer out there feeling like dying. I’m starting to not quite recall the geography of the faces of my friends […]