I Stopped Smoking and Now I Can Smell All the Things

the scent on my hands, it’s something between milk and metal something between soft and sweet and sharp and I breathe it in with my eyes closed before washing them I try to remember it as mine before I try to make sure no one else knows it and I recall those mornings when we […]

Monologue Assignment as an Intro to Grade 3 Michigan History and Geography (Please Take with a Grain of Salt and Read in the Voice of a Tired Mermaid who Sounds a Little like a New Age Gal)

“I’ve been trying to get to Lake Erie all winter and it’s been so slow going until now. I started in Oakland County, when I woke up in a SWAMP, after being frozen over all the way from January until April. “So here I am now, in May, and I made it Southeast to Ypsilanti. […]