there are some truths I know by heart

hair takes a long time to grow a root and grow through skin different colors catch the light reflections can be dangerous it isn’t always in my best interest to know where the hairs are that might be different because those are the ones I unconsciously search for unconsciously remove even if at the start […]


I appreciate compliments I get well enough, but there’s something disheartening in having them paired with the notion that I’d be prettier with long hair. On a good day, it’s easy for me to move on, but if you catch me in that melancholy place, where I’m vulnerable and out-of-date, those rose-colored glasses are set […]

Regarding wind: Stream of consciousness.

I see the trust we built in the wind that pushed my small car back and forth in its lane on slippery roads, thankfully empty, trash cans blowing like tumbleweeds. I glimpsed it in the night that picked my tomato plant off the porch, shredded its roots among the crumbling leaves, took its planter away. I […]

Day One and Counting. (This is too long and I’ll pare it down sometime.)

It’s day one, again, of leaving my bad habits alone, of resisting the wanting that burns badly enough to make my head ache, my knees shake, my smile flicker and quake. I once made it two months, and that is my record over the past twelve years. My nervousness wells in my wrists, and when […]

Trich. (Trick.)

I turned twelve with the typical amount of turmoil that accompanies many young ladies; wanting a training bra that I didn’t need, secretly applying cherry-flavored chapstick and violet nail polish, bewildered by the start of that telltale red stain. My brothers got more protective and less friendly, my friends started playing truth or dare instead […]