I learned how to write from the things that I read and I described endless heroines who were curious, intelligent, stark, and I somehow acted like them but I’m not sure if it was myself there was a time when I stopped reading stopped writing earnestly I would write in bursts that had only to […]

homesickness for [those who feel trapped] [those who do not like their hometown] [those who want] [to get out]

home is within you or home is nowhere at all and I learned this quickly built into an upbringing on two coasts the Atlantic the Great Lakes and the softened mountains in between these parts of this land are older than all of us they have been here longer than my matriarchs of 95 and […]

The things I hold feel selfish unimportant not really worth explaining to anyone but even when I try, it’s hard enough that I still expect tears and wait for release or some compulsion to get it out of my system with words or breakdowns or art anything but this alien resilience this strange capacity to […]

I can feel things crippling before they start the way that I cry before the things that cause crying in an effort to stay composed during them to find I just look cold the way that showers turn into sessions of gasping for the wrong reasons of swallowing soap without meaning to when it mixes […]