The Driest Place. (From the Archives of 2009.)

I felt cheapened by those few stolen kisses, by your caring and concern about the boys I got involved with – the horrid boys I got involved with – the nights of druggedrapedmisery thatwasn’trapetoanyoneItold because saying “No” from the start isn’t protest enough for a man to stop. Because falling asleep in the dorm room […]


You tied them to the ceiling fan, taped them to the beams, Keeping them just above your five feet, four inches Six feet, two inches, Five feet, eight inches. Your height? You were never really sure, It’s beside the point And you were never careless. With fishing line, yarn and twine, You hang the pages […]

Riding the Surface.

I’ve been riding the surface on the edge of this existence, getting by with smiles, words too general to criticize, voicing opinions when addressed. I would not want this life to not end. I would not want unending life in this world. The memories from your childhood collecting dust with your friendships, resting in garages […]


The stones I kicked from my shoes mixed with my blues, and now the glass is spilling over on the steps. Have you noticed when leaves first grasp the wind, the half-imagined, almost-audible, almost-snap of stems letting go of their branches? They float upwards at first, caught in some gust of fast freedom, but they […]

January Friend.

A fragile, ragged need set in, and your shape stayed jagged against my jacket long after we embraced. Your face shone with frost, but your lips melted icy ridges from the calcium composing my cheekbones as they brushed against the skin over the precipice of my face, the hollows of my clavicles, the softening at my throat, […]

07/21/12: Take 1.

Imagine, for a moment, that you have found someone you’ve admired for a long time. You were both drunk, you are newly single, you have just made it through a day more trying than others – You woke up hungover, it was late, you didn’t eat, you drove an hour to a place where you would be singing […]

Trich. (Trick.)

I turned twelve with the typical amount of turmoil that accompanies many young ladies; wanting a training bra that I didn’t need, secretly applying cherry-flavored chapstick and violet nail polish, bewildered by the start of that telltale red stain. My brothers got more protective and less friendly, my friends started playing truth or dare instead […]