This is mostly a writing project. You should think of it as an open sketchbook, because what I post here is unedited. I try to write every day, and sometimes I remember to put it online. Reading my poetry may or may not be a good way of getting to know me. Because titles are not exactly my strong point, the blog is named after myself.

I really love the world we live in, and the people, plants and creatures who inhabit it. The only thing I want to do while I’m here is have a positive influence on who and what I come in contact with.



14 thoughts on “About.

  1. As a man, I sometimes reserve my words as to not coming off too much on the sleeve but I bare of soul now. I must say that your works have such depth and emotion. I truly felt your words, you’re good. Keep on creating. I will follow.

  2. Hello Laura Lee!
    Here’s is a link to my class project. I wanted to extend many thanks to you. I’ve been reading your poems and I want you to know that you are a true artist. Thank you for the life you beauty you bestow upon us all.

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