It seems small-minded, but here you are

There’s a beauty in newfound adulthood that I recall realizing myself – the ability to unceremoniously remove people from your life by not returning correspondence, explaining to mutual acquaintance that there was a falling-out before there was one. I knew you before you had grown up and I probably don’t know you now but I […]


Organs work together delicately to form a beat and a blade, to give us sight and recognition for our passions. For when the body shakes, when breath catches on tonsils, fails to coat the tongue fully – you’ve got a hint to go deeper and find out what exactly is inciting you, what exactly is […]

201 Words on Friendship and Being Female

There’s a comfort in the wash of tears and blood that accompanies a strange emptiness, fills it with liquid and feelings and shining eyes closing, grieving the child that was never born, never even conceived. And my body feels built to be a mother, to carry something more than ideas, to nurture someone who may […]