I never felt safe keeping contact with the ones who held my heart. I fled as soon as any of them dropped it, cried until recovered, and the only exception left me worse off than the rest, after trying hard to stay close for long enough that I forgot who I was without my misery. […]

Draft 1 of Poem 2.

Vertical endeavors – they stand so tall, as upright as they can, stretch their arms like ballerinas reaching for the sky and their spiritual ideals, their idea that heaven is somewhere above them. They try to seem wise, but they’re just so young, just at the start of the road to wisdom. And they’re small, […]

Regarding wind: Stream of consciousness.

I see the trust we built in the wind that pushed my small car back and forth in its lane on slippery roads,¬†thankfully empty, trash cans blowing like tumbleweeds. I glimpsed it in the night that picked my tomato plant off the porch, shredded its roots among the crumbling leaves, took its planter away. I […]


There’s an ochre thread running through my earth tones, winding through murky greens and the bark of trees, brighter than the black of night,¬†unchanging, even as it moves past the inconstancies of grey sea. It tugs at me, gingerly, but I’ve been avoiding that color and where it leads for it takes me back – […]