There’s water running in off the windshield, dropping steadily onto my shoulder. My phone is in my lap and I’m waiting for coffee to cool, anxious, leaving, speeding. Visibility is reduced to bright mist and brighter taillights; the colors of the fall flying past me on the side, fields of corn turning gold, forest canopies […]

Ragged words.

My words are a little ragged, their sounds frayed at the edges, worn across the collar where they rest against my throat, stretched across my shoulders, hiding from these worried hands for fear of being shredded. I’m working on destroying my reputation – I’m tired of upholding the way that I’m seen in a very […]

Looking back.

They say there are two choices: fight or flight, but I find myself freezing instead of choosing to act, opting to look for a strategic choice than to blindly confront or to flee. There was a long time when I was not the only one you loved – you controlled yourself in word and action […]