I was never comfortable with the level of intimacy that you held the ones you used to love, the ones you seemed to still love, because you said once that one cannot fall out of love. It brought out the nervousness in me, the pettiness of me, to see the photos you took of their […]


I want to stand with my arms high and heart abandoned, to fully give up on protecting this muscle in my chest that flutters like a bird, that pumps like a child on a swing. I want the world to have the freedom to tear it open, I want myself to have the grace to […]

Make it all right.

Your hair is shorter and mine has filled in, and the most physical of what we’ve exchanged lies within small stacks of envelopes and letters, tiny gifts of stones and feathers, a shared smoking habit that keeps getting worse. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, and it took a several weeks to […]