Webbed fingers, shaggy hair shimmering softly by twilight. A moon-worshiper, she changes with the tides, cupping water to shelled ears at the surface. She inhales through her nose, that long-forgotten tool, awakening lost longs, sputtering condensation across dimly pearled lips.

Riding the Surface.

I’ve been riding the surface on the edge of this existence, getting by with smiles, words too general to criticize, voicing opinions when addressed. I would not want this life to not end. I would not want unending life in this world. The memories from your childhood collecting dust with your friendships, resting in garages […]

Smooth Surfaces.

Smooth surface, pushed flush against rough stone, texture meets texture, wood grain worn, torn apart at the leaves sheltering heat rings branded in blonder hues against dark oak – they try not to choke, wanting to remain inconspicuous, ashamed by their share of this domain, they feel out of place beneath my book, resting in […]

Coffee in Hand.

It’s been a day of extremes, ranging from 40 this morning to 80 after the storms. The fog on the windshield dissipated in the sun like I expected. It’s brighter than it has been, but the sun and rain didn’t mix into prisms and the grass smells alive tonight although it’s beginning its darkened inactivity. […]


She always spent too much time alone while trying to be in love, contenting herself with distance and a false sense of peace when the closeness became stifling. After an adolescence spent dating smotherers, a few years of young adulthood engaged to a manipulator, she couldn’t remember any more that there were people who could […]

This is not what I want.

Crying in the shower is my new morning routine. I never liked showers but they give me a chance to be actually alone in contrast to feeling alone since you stopped listening. There was a time when I didn’t start all of our talks, or make all of our plans. You still asked when you […]

Parched and waiting.

An unflinching wish rests in the empty space between my fingers, the words unsaid lying under my breath, the dry heat that radiates through the ground, sapping the roots of moisture. The brush of life left me once, and my lungs lay empty. They held the breath outside of me, refusing to welcome it back […]