Bird saving.

Hummingbird of mine, strange enough that she seems a relic from another time, rescued from the cold evening dew, grass trimmings clinging to her motionless wings – how mysterious that she didn’t struggle – she hadn’t been with her parents long enough to mimic their timidity. Hollow-boned, nectar-tongued, she learns to nestle on hands, becomes […]


It comes with new boundaries that we don’t know how to observe, brings new labels that we say we don’t care about, a fresh uncertainty that stretches itself out on my floor, like a cat in the sun, like a wolf at the door. The change is so subtle that it seems nonexistent until we remember what happened.


I drove for an hour out of town, turned around when I stopped recognizing roads and drove home. Today, I’m suspicious of cheerful people and since I’m staying at my mom’s, I’m faking mild illness so she doesn’t ask what’s wrong and to give me an excuse to stop talking, to curl up with my […]

Dull address.

In the days when we were still flesh and blood – before we became addresses written on paper and memories of waking up for two years with sore chests and empty mouths after you moved South – our colors were different, they shined from our cheeks from the strong potent beat of young hearts. I […]

Value of the Tragic.

O, the value of the tragic is that we at once realize that everything is significant and insignificant at the same time, on the same level. And we wonder why our skeletons are internal – why the hard parts of our bodies are wrapped up in the soft – why we’re left unshielded, why it […]