I wake smelling like sleep, curled in the palest colors, of light and sweet. It’s well past sunrise, judging from the way your blinds are barely keeping out the day, illuminating dust that my breath blew astray. There was a winter’s day here when the softness and the silence of falling snow brought me to […]


“Enjoy your kneecaps while they last,” says the old woman, walking slowly towards you. “You’re young and lovely,” she continues, “And that is good. For what is youth without beauty, and what is beauty without youth?” You try not to look at her quizically, wonder if she really sees that as the truth. She approached you like […]

Sighing in the sunrise.

The sunlight makes me look so tired  but the moon’s kiss wrestles with my eyelids. I spend so much time tossing and turning, find myself awake at five in the morning And it weighs so heavy on my mind that being with me has given you a hard time, that I still don’t quite understand the ways of helping you […]

quite cliche

Solitude flits around my shoulders, blows warm into my ears, and I’m struck sometimes with how much I delight in being quiet, and how soon I forget that about myself. This is not to say that sounds have left me or that my breath isn’t there, that my heart doesn’t keep time and fill to […]


Well I’ve worn the same clothes for two days and two nights, spent hours in a car and days indoors. My meals are few and far between, of coffee and toast or eggs, and I got myself to choke down some fruit when I realized I hadn’t had anything fresh in a while. It’s too […]


She curls at your feet, that beautiful girl that you called your own when she came wandering by in the fall ten years’ past. She’s skittish and holds grudges, doesn’t deal well with change, and you wonder if she’d be different if she had found someone who wasn’t you, because she seems to have inherited […]