Winter fog.

The weather steals my words, sometimes invades my thoughts with cabin fever. They get frantic and are stressed by how much time is passed indoors, by the way skin gets discolored if left in the cold too long. And I’m grateful for the winter snow, I do enjoy the way the days grow, but somehow […]


I’m uncooperative, and the things I look forward to don’t make me happy. I’m resting on my elbows, driving my joints into the ground, feeling so blue and not knowing how to talk to you, and you’re beside me. Self-deprecation comes so easily, loathing soon to follow. I’m tired of only being able to look forward […]

Heart Scrap.

The sound of our hearts, sporadic and brief, quick and uncertain, so wounded. That unsteady sound mimics my footsteps when I leave, catches my tonsils when I breathe, clings to the keys to my car and the buttons on my phone, making me yearn so childishly simultaneously to not be alone, to just be alone, […]

A Sentence.

My eyes are closed, my palms are open,time rests on my tongue with the weight of a token,gifted with the coolness of metal, the taste of incense,wafting to the ceiling, carrying hope and prayer on this day colored green, the spaces in betweenmy teeth filling with the scent of melting snow.


For some reason I find myself longing for that sepia sun, humidity clinging to my skin and filling my breath, the ground unfrozen and welcoming at the soles of my feet. I want the season when I can wait until the light cools itself off and falls to the ground, the sun propelled without any […]