07/21/12: Take 1.

Imagine, for a moment, that you have found someone you’ve admired for a long time. You were both drunk, you are newly single, you have just made it through a day more trying than others – You woke up hungover, it was late, you didn’t eat, you drove an hour to a place where you would be singing […]

Just Musing.

I was a soldier in my other life, in the one that killed me, but I lose track of memories, for the girl I’m with now is kind. She spends her days mending and looking worried, thinking often about how much water her shower pours down the drain; how much frivolous, scented soap – how […]

Insecurity: Take 2.

My insecurities are unwarranted, and I think you might have some too, that have no root, no reason, no truth to cling to, and so they flutter aimlessly and collide with things they shouldn’t be tied to and I know how foolish it is to stay away from trust, and I’ve seen other relationships decompose, […]

Tired scrap.

I’ll be running to the water, where the wind whispers goodnight and the sea laps the shores, making music I could never write. The tides are easy for me to read, lonely sand keeps company and I’ll lay down my tired head, and no longer wish or dread or long for what you said.