Transcontinental Dream Sequence.

A woman came down from the mountains to join us on the rails, she didn’t speak her name, rode in silent with the mail. She wanders through the yellow fields, fair maiden of the West, and she suffers from her soldier’s heart, relives old pain of the past. Her hair is sun-bleached, golden as the […]

Moonbabies don’t sleep.

I’m looking for my muse but she’s too far out of sight, and I yell at myself, ‘Baby who have you been with, who made you think relationships are like this?’ I want to stop bleeding this much, need to start adding lunch to this sparse diet of black coffee in the morning and a […]


It’s not so bad to put off sleep when you’re forty-five minutes late to leave work anyway. Second-shift shadows; we drift through linoleum halls, across a hospital garden, pressing buttons on the devices that tie us to loved ones for the eight hours or so we live here. My ID is hanging on the doorknob to my […]

Winter girl: Orange blues.

September’s smile in a January face, skin powdered and pale, kissed with ice and space, her mouth coated with dew, eyes startled open, migrate across the room, warily follow you. There’s no immunity to her pearled, lackluster charms; French vanilla fingers crossing ivory keys leave you craving the satin undersides of her arms. All you […]


I’m swaying here, with the flickering light, the scents in the air, the feeling of flight. I’m unable to adhere to any one sight, and the view is devoid of domesticity tonight. The cat shakes back her head, and I cough up one breathless lung when I try, like others, to swallow everything at once. […]

Scrap 001.

Charging through a field of white, inking words on the back of the story we write, the pages gather and form new landscapes, laden with the scrapings of the floor we left behind, amber varnish curling and glinting in this unique light. Reaching for your hand, I found all of your letters, pressed with leaves […]


The night pushes on my sides, reaches for my eyes. My friends are dropping off to sleep, leaving living rooms behind, scattering goodbyes in their wake. Why is it that I no longer want to join them, my limbs no longer growing heavy, my gaze sharpening with darkness as the kitchen empties? I stay awake […]

Telephone anxiety.

Hypothetical phone lines only make me tense, tangled in imagined cords and all that’s left unsaid and I should be able to articulate what I miss, why I care, and do you worry when I can’t find the words? Sidewalks feel soft today, and I’ll choose them over this bed I’ve made of garbled communication, […]


I run into trouble without shelves. The floor is carpeted now in multi-colored cloth, swathed in the skirts I toss off, and you should be careful where you step, watch out for paperbacks of poetry lurking beneath, wanting and waiting to offer guidance or comfort. You’ll see three tiny blank books, red, pink and blue […]