Swollen with affection, it turns cold when struck, holds bitterness for far too long and never knows where to go. I look around for friends to drink my veins, to empty all that black bile from the rivers running beneath skin, fragile and supple and pale, too resilient to tear, though it does try. When […]

“Cradle and all.”

All of these weary extremities, cooled to the point of sleep, aren’t enough to make you feel like this is something to keep. Thrust up in that tree, rock-a-bye, rock-a-bye, baby, and her eyes were the kindest shade of blue, soft and deep and true, and when she glanced your way she saw straight through. […]


You’re woven in my soul, and I want You to show how to leave all this behind, teach my watered, weakened marrow to grow. This anxiety makes no sense, living in constant crisis, skin inflamed and crawling, mouth dry and clenched. I want to know the truth, and I want to get away from me, I want someone else […]

Giving blood.

Oh, I lost a lot of blood on this lake. I sold it to the nurses, who took what they could take before my eyes fluttered shut and my limbs began to shake, and they remembered that no one took my iron count. I didn’t get a lot in return. They woke me up, took my blood’s […]

We are what myths are made of.

We wait for the earth to reclaim our limbs,  succumbing to the slowdown of hearts exhausted by their beating,  a feather’s pulse against the soft skin of our throats.  There are few things stories share:  the circumstances of our birth,  the years in which we learned,  our departure from our homes and our eventual return. […]

Ernest Musings.

The books where I find love are the ones that others suffer through, somehow missing the connection evoked; that sympathy for mankind’s unbearable suffering. The Sun Also Rises left me with such longing – for austere living, for rooms made of tall, stark walls, once white, turned creamy with age, floorboards blackened with wear and tearing […]

Lofts are new to me.

It’s reaching the point of the year when shoes become necessary, and my shoulders are no longer visible. This is also about the time when people assume I’m modest for religious reasons, because I like vintage sweaters and my skirts cover my knees. I found the clippers an old friend bought for me, to help me […]

On not dating.

I’m surprised at how solitary life becomes on the days without work or study. Fever dreams last through the morning and my friends and I filter through our rooms, drinking coffee, making eye contact; keeping ourselves close, but simultaneously alone. Sudden crashes on counters and fallen waters frighten me into quiet, and we watch the […]

Summer sets.

I look for the sun to hit the blossoms In those meadows between highway lanes – Slightly washed-out, holding the droplets Leftover from dew and the rain. They glitter more than the snow will, Their lovelorn petals still cling To the vibrance of summer colors, And the newness of autumn morning. Darling, it’s never been […]