Love letter.

Dear Body, I’ve been treating you better than I have since I was sixteen, when I was daily eating three meals, running at least four miles and sleeping at least nine hours. I live in you, I take care of you, I haven’t had cigarettes in a week or so, and I haven’t been drinking […]

Sleep under the Stars.

There was that night spent alone, lying on some sandy ground near a lake so great that it stretched out of sight the only hints of the other side were pinpricks of light at dusk, a faraway city. I was curled beneath the old quilt I keep in the back of my car for such […]

Writing setting.

There’s an open door beside me, a panel of day centered in this dark hall, the floor swallows all reflection, always opaque, damnably matte, sadly craving light, it wants to be painted by the sun, soak in the moon’s bright lies, but still it lays untouched and quiet. Our feet softly pad across it, in […]

Coming home.

If ever I knew how to spend time alone, I have since forgotten. The consequences of living, first with siblings, then with friends, have rendered me useless by myself and I’m restless, nostalgic as soon as I enter the rooms of my old home, the rooms where I played and cried and grew, none of […]


The horizon softly silhouetted trees against the dawn, and the headlights on the highway tried to show the way back home to the house that I’ve been leaving, and the town that I’ve been missing, but my thoughts are far away from here and all I taste is missing.  I want to reach the water,  […]

Move-Out Day

Another year of my life in these boxes, And a night of my sleep spent packing it away, Working, wide-eyed, Orally fixated On water and coffee, Chewing Mentos if the tension got too high, Sucking smoke from burning embers As I walked from time to time With my friends. Twelve hours spent cleaning, sorting, driving, […]

Disaster poem.

Here, I thought I would grow old. I thought the land had loved me. O steady lady, changeless earth, I held nothing above thee. But I watched the sky darken And I saw your green ground open And you, you did not mourn me As I felt my spirit go. You filled my lungs with […]